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Phu Quoc Cuisine


The Vietnamese love their food – in fact, they obsessed about it all day! As soon as they had their breakfast, they will soon think about what they would have for lunch, so it’s not surprising that you will find an abundance of small eatery places springing across this tiny island.

The food on Phu Quoc island is heavily influenced by the bountiful harvest of fresh seafood, herbs and vegetable – it is fresh, simple yet utterly deliciously refreshing.

Eden Resort Phu Quoc features two restaurants and one bar which are all facing to the ocean. We pride ourselves in having one of the best cuisines on the Phu Quoc Island. Our cuisine is based on seafood and the finest fresh produce, which is sourced daily from the island’s markets.

Some places you come across might appear to be shabby by western standards, but do not be fooled by their appearances! With a little sense of adventure and you will soon discover some of the tastiest and most inexpensive food you’ve ever eaten.

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