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Pagodas and Temples

Phu Quoc Island has numerous historic and cultural sites that are worthy of a visit, also located around the island and dotted around Duong Dong town as well are the many smaller Buddhist temples, a clear sign of the peaceful religion that is practiced by the Vietnamese people.

Sung Hung Pagoda

Located in Duong Dong Town, visitors will experience the peaceful ambience under the old banyan tree at Sung Hung pagoda. Built in the early 20th century, this pagoda is surrounded by huge old trees. The main entrance conforms to a three-gate style (called Tam Quan).

The statue of the Goddess Quan Am Bo Tat overlooks the centre of the courtyard over a small lotus pond. In the main hall, Tam The Buddha is placed on the highest altar. On the wall is a painting depicting Monk Duong Tang’s journey to the West. Behind this is the shrine that worships Gautama Buddha’s ascendancy to Heaven.

Hung Long Tu Pagoda

Hung Long Tu Pagoda was built by a well known monk named Nguyen Kim Muon (1892-1946). Located five kilometers from Duong Dong Town, this pagoda is located in a tranquil and peaceful setting, built on a rocky outcrop, the grounds contain an ornate statue of Buddha. The Pagoda is also known as the Su Muon pagoda, the architecture of the building is unique.

Legend of the Magic Well

It is said that when Prince Nguyen Anh was sheltering on Phu Quoc Island from the Tay Son rebels, he stamped his foot and pointed to the earth with his magic sword from where water erupted to provide to his thirsty force. This is where you will the royal or magic well as it’s known and you can even see the shoe prints in the stone. To find the well, start from An Thoi Town, there a path heading east for about 2kms along the seaside, past crystal-clear sea before reaching a white sandy beach where there’s a small shrine on the rocky cliff and an armchair shaped stone.

Other temples

There’s a number of other temples located all around Phu Quoc and in Duong Dong so feel free to take a polite visit and remember these temples survive mostly through donations. These temples offer an interesting insight into the Buddhist religion and also offer the visitors an amazing array of colourful sculptures to view…

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