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Ham Ninh Fishing Village

On the islands east coast lies Ham Ninh, a quaint and sleepy fishing village. The locals will be pleased to see you, especially if you buy some of their pearls.

Located around 14kms from Duong Dong Town on the east coast of Phu Quoc is the village of Ham Ninh where you will find a jetty that extends a couple hundred meters out to sea to allow for the shallow waters along the coast here. The village is predominantly involved in fishing and you will find some places in village that provide an excellent source of seafood, including a variety of crabs, lobsters, and local mussels. Take away or eat in, the seafood eaten here with pepper, salt and lime is fresh every day of the year.

Ham Ninh mountains to the west provide a scenic backdrop for the town, the mountain range running for 30kms along this side of the coast, which includes the highest peak on the island, Mount Chua at 603 meters. The waters off Ham Ninh contain the majority of the islands seaweed beds which provide a necessary source of food to the endangered Dugong, of which there are very few remaining.

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