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Bach Dang Night Market

The night market is the palace to buy souvenirs, all kinds of crafts are on sale in addition to the usual fresh produce and seafood. This can be a good place to buy pearls… while the kids are occupied in the playground.

There’s a night market along Bach Dang street on most nights. The evenings are very popular here as many people come to watch the sunset near the temple, having a drink by the water and enjoying the evening markets.

Living the resort life on Phu Quoc can be rough. You have to hang out all day on the beach then reluctantly drag yourself somewhere for food; then it’s back to the beach. While this repetition may not actually be that bad, it can get a little boring after a couple of days. If you do happen to break free of your resort and you’re not off hiking around a waterfall, or on a snorkelling tour, swing by the Phu Quoc night market. At the market you can do some souvenir shopping and fill your belly.

Browse through their display table of fresh seafood and pick your night’s meal. Choose from prawns, squid, scallops, crab, elephant snails and a variety of fish then sit and wait as it is cooked to order. Also, for those out there who aren’t seafood fans, there are plenty of beef, chicken, pork and veggie dishes to choose from.

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